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Carbon Capture

Carbon capture technologies remove CO2 from point sources, including the exhaust of industrial processes, e.g., power generation, cement and steel production, and more. UK IDEA is developing technologies to reduce carbon emissions and improve the efficiency and economic viability of these technologies. UK IDEA also explores the commercial and technical viability of advanced gasification technologies, particularly how to reduce carbon emissions from these plants.

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Carbon Dioxide Conversion and Utilization

CO2 is a very stable molecule. Beyond capture and storage, at UK IDEA, we explore options for turning CO2 into new products to enable a carbon economy cycle.

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Hydrogen Production and DAC

Direct air capture (DAC) involves removing CO2 directly from the atmosphere instead of a point source with a higher concentration, such as an industrial process’ flue gas. In order to offset the capture cost, hydrogen, a high-valued commodity, is simultaneously produced as a product within the same process.

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Water Treatment

Water is an invaluable commodity for life activities. It is needed for agricultural, residential, recreational, commercial, and industrial use. Water treatment involves reducing or removing contamination from water for end use and minimizing the volume of waste created. UK IDEA is engineering the next generation of water treatment and separation technologies to promote water re-use and improve energy efficiency.

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Material Recovery

Industrial activities create waste products and streams that can contain valuable materials. UK IDEA employs environmentally friendly thermal, hydro, and electrochemical techniques to cost-effectively recover these valuable materials from spent batteries, photovoltaics, and industrial streams in requisite purity for re-use. 

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