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Technology History and Achievements

  • Start of Our Journey
  • External Funding: $1.5M

    Sponsors: E-ON US (LG&E-KU)

  • 0.1 MWth PCCC and Coal Boiler Constructed
  • The relationship between kinetic and energy consumption is defined
  • External Funding: $4.0M

    Sponsors: CMRG (LGE-KU, EPRI, Duke, AEP, EKPC, DEDI)

  • Fast Kinetic energy is realized as first priority to cost of CCS
  • External Funding: $8.1M

    Sponsors: CMRG, Big River, APRA-e, US-China CERC

  • External Funding: $3.2M

    Sponsors: CMRG, State of Wyoming, ICCI, DOE

  • The Importance of high C/N is realized
  • Novel heat-integration is proposed and verified on bench-scale
  • External Funding: $17.9M

    Sponsors: CMRG, DOE

  • Spin-off Company: PowerTech Water
  • Stable and fast kinetic (10^5) Catalyst isolated
  • 3" Bench-scale Constructed
  • External Funding: $4.6M

    Sponsors: CMRG, DOE, WY

  • External Funding: $3.8M

    Sponsors: CMRG, DOE

  • Limitation of carbon dioxide driving force is major hurdle after advanced solvent identified
  • Pre-concentrating membrane benefit is recognized on bench-scale study
  • External Funding: $2.6M

    Sponsors: CMRG, DOE

  • 0.7MWe PCCC Facility Constructed
  • External Funding: $3.0M

    Sponsors: CMRG, DOE, CERC

  • Simulated Dilute Carbon Dioxide Source Tested
  • Pre-Feed Study on 10M We PCCC Completed
  • External Funding: $4.1M

    Sponsors: CMRG, DOE, Tsinghua

  • Forward-feed Control Developed on 0.7MWe PCCC Unit
  • External Funding: $9.3M

    Sponsors: CMRG, DOE, SRI, RITE

  • Process Intensification - Open Tower, Rich Split, and Temperature-controlled Absorber, In-situ Heat Transfer Packing and dynamic Packing developed
  • NG Boiler Installed
  • Carbon Dioxide to Formic Acid Developed
  • External Funding: $7.6M

    Sponsors: DOE, EPRI, LG&E-KU, NREL

  • Electrochemical DAC and H2 Technique Developed
  • External Funding: $4.9M

    Sponsor: DOE

  • Integrated Capture and Biofixation Developed
  • Blue H2 from Coal-Biomass Plastic
  • External Funding: $10.5M

    Sponsors: DOE, EPRI, LG&E-KU, GTI, WVR

  • 10MWe PCCC FEED Complete
  • Development and Characterization of Densified Biomass-plastic Blend for Entrained Flow Gasification

    External Funding: $625,559  |  Sponsor: DOE

  • Electrochemically Regenerated Solvent for Direct Air Capture with Cogeneration of Hydrogen at Bench-scale

    External Funding: $1,642,971  |  Sponsor: DOE

  • Dual-loop Solution-based CCS for Net Negative CO2 Emissions with Lower Costs

    External Funding: $3,071,863  |  Sponsor: DOE

  • Application of Transformational UKy 3 Tonne/day CO2 Capture System at A Steel Process Plant

    External Funding: $6,250,488  |  Sponsor: DOE

  • CO2 Capture at LG&E Cane Run NGCC Power Plant

    External Funding: $1,112,486  |  Sponsors: DOE, EPRI

  • Enhancement of Carbon Capture Reactor Performance

    External Funding: $1,250,346  |  Sponsor: DOE

  • Negative-Emissions Enabled Direct Air Capture with Coupled Electro-Production of Hydrogen at a 5 kg-per-hour Scale

    External Funding: $3,749,462  |  Sponsor: DOE

  • Development of Membrane-sorbent Based Technology to Mitigate Volatile Compounds from Amine Degradation

    External Funding: $99,500  |  Sponsor: PPL

  • Cost-effective Nickel-Cobalt Based Electrode for Hydrogen Production Using Recovered Metals from Spend Lithium-Ion Batteries

    External Funding: $99,500  |  Sponsor: PPL

  • Data Driven Thermal Runaway Risk Prevention

    External Funding: $49,000  |  Sponsor: PPL

  • The DAC Hub for Appalachian Prosperity

    External Funding: $3,750,000  |  Sponsor: DOE